loan deal

some loan deal examples

100% LTV 626 Mid-Score

I have a borrower with a 626 middle score that currently has a home for $175,000 that he is going to lease out because he is Moving across the state for his job. I have a complete package except appraisal which will be in on Friday. I need a lender who can close this loan next week. If I cant deliver this kind of speed, I will lose it to the local bank. Please help!

100% W/ Fast Close

I need help placing a loan for $320,000.00 at 100% LTV or an 80/20 program on a 592 mid-score. I have a full package BUT the big catch is that I MUST close no later than this friday, or I will lose the deal. Can anybody offer some assistance?

1.6 million dollar loan

Wonder if anyone has any ideas as to were I can place a 1.6 million dollar loan. Credit middle score is 571, no mtg lates, full doc. LTV would be approx. 65 to 70 pct. Debt consolidation, a little cash out if possible.

500.00 REWARD!!!

I am a Broker that is trying to close a loan with WMC DIRECT. This is my own loan…so of course they cannot do a “arms length” transaction…..I NEED HELP….I HAVE COMPLETE PACKAGE AT WMC DIRECT AND IT HAS BEEN APPROVED….To get this deal done I just need a Broker I can use to 1. fill out a broker package (they will rush it through), disclosures in your Co. name, and I will need to change the appraisal to your companies name!

75% ltv NOO in PA 45% dti with 5 other properties

These are truly credit card loans but this is a good referral source for me and I’d like to help her.
Property 5 is worth $30k and is a cash out.
Property 6 is a new purchase $20k sales price.
Property 7 is a new purchase $17k sales price.
All SFR with good appraisals I have full files and am ready to close but need someplace to put them. Oh and I cannot remove any of the free and clear properties from the 1003 because she needs the income. Please advise and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.